International Business Platform
Print version. Published on site 15 March 2010


CEOGAS will take the lead in establishing a Business Platform Management group, with funding from the fund and selected business partners and investors from Europe, Asia and North America. Ceogas accumulates funds for the purpose of investment in the energy projects in Russia.
Also CEOGAS obtains funds for the new technology researches especial in the area of renewable energy sources.

CEOGAS will fully utilize the international investment capital, technology, markets and operational know-how, actively invest in environmental energy saving projects in Russia. The aim is to be the most important partner in Russia & CIS for developing, investing and operating those projects.

CEOGAS will seek to make equity and quasi-equity investments in profitable, commercially viable private companies and projects in sectors that include: electricity generation primarily fuelled by renewable energy sources (small hydropower, wind power projects), energy efficiency and conservation.