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About us

What is CEOGAS?

It is a business foundation which gives to European companies better opportunities to carry out energy-saving projects in Russia. Ceogas is trying to collect all resources: scientific, financial, and governmental - all for achievement of actual result.


Investment activity

Ceogas accumulates funds for the purpose of investment in the energy projects in Russia. Also we obtain funds for the new technology researches especial in the area of renewable energy sources.

Structure of CEOGAS

PeterGaz b.v. (a subsidiary company of GAZPROM) coordinates the activity of the CEOGAS in the Netherlands. From the Dutch side the coordinator is: Prof. Lobanov (Managing director of PeterGAZ The regular activities are directed by the Management Secretary.

Contact information

Groenekanseweg 64
NL - 3732 AG DE BILT
Phone: +31 30 228 54 67
Fax: +31 30 228 54 59
Email: oaz at
125284, Russia, Moscow
Leningrad avenue, 31/3, office 303
Phone: +79263635720
Email: dimitri at